This year I have learned that lot of new things in Chinese. Such as how to talk about the weather and clothing. I have also learned to recognized a lot of characters like 刮大风 very windy. A challenge for me has been to write the characters because my handwriting isn't that good. In Middle School I am going to continue Chinese because it is a good way to get into a College and also to get good jobs in the future.

In art I have learned how to make a self portrait and also portraits of apes. We have studied dark and light colors and how to mix them together to make a different color. A challenge for me has been to remember the words like tints and tones. Next year in art I want to work more with clay next year.

In music I have improved a lot in working on the xylophone and how to hit the correct notes. We have learned about different modern bands that take up really old songs like Wade in the Water that the band Take 6 have been singing lately. A challenge for me has been reading the notes but I have become much better at reading notes then the beginning of the year. Next year I want to take Bach to Rock because then I will be able to continue working with xylophones and also learn to play the drums.

In P.E everything has been very easy even the Gymnastics. So far this year in P.E we have done Soccer, Fitness, Gymnastics, Basketball and Swimming. What has been a challenge this year has been to stretch. Next year I want to play on the field.

In Counseling we have learned way to deal with social problems. We have been taught that if you have a lot of pressure on you it might fall apart just because of a little thing and you will get really mad. Next year I want to learn to deal with bullies.

Nobody has written any comments but that is because I haven't asked anyone. In writing I haven't completed my goal I think it has been a goal that is to hard to do in my class right now. So my new goal for writing will be to ask other people to revise my story while I'm am with them or watching. In reading I have read more than 45 minutes straight a few time this year one time this year I read more than 1 and a half hours straight. Well I have completed my goal for reading so now my new goal is going to be to write down how much I read in my reading log every day because sometimes I forget. I have rechecked my work so so this year but I rechecked my work in the Stanford tests. So I will keep my goal again and try even harder to recheck my work.

A real success for me has been reading for more than 45 minutes because i have really learned to read without stopping or getting distracted. Well one day i was bored so i just read like 200 pages in 2 hours without stopping. Overcoming this was not a challenge but I overcame it by concentrating in my reading. What helped me to complete this goal was also to keep on trying to read longer, concentrate more when I have been reading in class and also to not like go to the library even it it was my library day.

Some things that haven't been a success is writing. I think i didn't complete my goal in writing because i kind of forgot about that goal. I also didn't complete my writing goal because it might have been to hard to do in my class. Because in our class when we share our projects or our writing we don't ask other people to comment on our projects. I chose that goal in the beginning of the year because last year we used to comment a lot on each others writing.

For math I have completed a bit of my goal because it depends on where I have looked through in a test. I tried to overcome this goal because my mom always tells me to look over what I have written. Well in my Stanford testing I looked back at the tests all the time but sometimes in my math tests i don't look at my work before I hand it in. When i do my problem solving I read over what I have written as my explanation.