Time to Reflect – Unit 4

1. Tell why you think it is important to be able to divide numbers. For what kind of problems do you need to use division?

So like if you work somewhere where you need to divide things like mechanics or you are a business man you might need to divide things so it's good to know your division. Or like if you have a bank account you might need to get your money into different groups.

2. Tell what part of this unit was the most difficult for you and why. Describe what you did to overcome any difficulties you had.

The most difficult for me was to change from partial quotient to long division. We didn't have to change but I noticed that I was better in long division so I changed and it was a pretty hard change that I decided to make.


Last week we read the story of the Sower And The Seed. The story is about Jesus telling the people that they should be the good seed. There are 4 different kinds of seeds/people. The first seed is the one that falls on the path and crows come and eat it. That represents the man that hears it but gets eaten up by the evil one.

The second seed some seeds fell on rocky places where it didn't have much soil and they grew quickly but hen they had no roots so they died. That represents the man that heard about Jesus but only followed it for a while.

The third seed falls on the thorns and choked on other seeds. That is the man that hears but worries to much and doesn't follow the lord.

The forth seed is the one that falls on good soil and grows to be a good plant. This represents the man that hears the word of the lord and follows it.

The people at the shore l;earn that they shall follow the lord . I can connect this to my own life because there are people that follow the lord and make part of there life but there are also people that don't listen and don't care and there are also people that try but it doesn't work and there are the people that are to scared to try in my life.

Writing Reflection

Writing Reflection

I notice that my writing isn't always perfect. I mean I'm not a person who is a wonderful writer. I can get good ideas from books, texts and, other things I read. I usually use similes pretty well with saying like, "I felt like, I was a bee that had lost my stinger." and I can use similes good. When I read my writing it's not a thumbs up, it's not a thumbs down I think it's somewhere in the middle.

Yes, I have changed a lot as a writer I can do a lot of I never imagined to be doing with writing before. Like just something simple changing the words around like instead of saying, "I went in the car and drove down the street." I could say, "I jumped into the tiny blue Volkswagen and rushed down the street at lightning speed." I have really grown from a number 1 to a number 10.

Three things I do well as a writer are, first of all i am good in mixing up words in a cool way, a example," Yellow, green, blue, and red had all been splattered on the white now, colorful mat." Second I am good at making similes like, " I felt like a cheetah that had been shot with tranquillizer. Slowly, slowly becoming tired and then slowing down. Third I'm good at describing something an example would be like, " I saw the green parrot with a tint of yellow sitting in it's bamboo tree."

Something I want to get stronger as a writer is thinking of ideas that I should write about much quicker. I'm very slow at thinking of ideas in writing. so that is something I need to get better at.

I have written a piece when I was in 1'st grade a story about a cheetah. It wasn't good at all but I liked it because it was my first published piece. I was so proud of and I really liked that one story.


Factor Captor
Factor captor is a game played by two people. I enjoyed playing it because there where things like prime numbers you could use to make the other person not get any points at all. I also liked it because we could try to fool your partner.

Making a array might work so you can find out like 3x13= 39 not 16. So it could help you by making a array to find out some factors for the number 39.

I think I enjoyed page 14 the most because you could learn so many divisibility rules that would always work for the particular number. The divisibility rules I learned where for the following numbers, 2,3,6,9,5 and, 10 but 1 as divisibility rule is pretty easy. So the number 477 it's divisible by 1 because 1x477=477. It's divisible by 3 because 4+7+7=18 and 18 is a product of 3. It's divisible by 9 because 4+7+7=18 and 18 is a product 9. And that's my favorite page between 2 and 28.

My Learning, September 16, 2009

I am quite secure. I am not extremely good or extremely bad I am just okay in the middle. The reading that I learn from is stuff that I might just be reading in the city or basically anywhere. I can get ideas and stuff if I read things that are important to me. I like reading most times but it depends on what I read. I think what I need to get better at in reading is basically reading faster because I read kind of slow. When I read I can relax and think about what i am doing and things like that. When I read I can learn a lot of things about anything it doesn't matter where I read it like I said before just that I learn it.