Factor Captor
Factor captor is a game played by two people. I enjoyed playing it because there where things like prime numbers you could use to make the other person not get any points at all. I also liked it because we could try to fool your partner.

Making a array might work so you can find out like 3x13= 39 not 16. So it could help you by making a array to find out some factors for the number 39.

I think I enjoyed page 14 the most because you could learn so many divisibility rules that would always work for the particular number. The divisibility rules I learned where for the following numbers, 2,3,6,9,5 and, 10 but 1 as divisibility rule is pretty easy. So the number 477 it's divisible by 1 because 1x477=477. It's divisible by 3 because 4+7+7=18 and 18 is a product of 3. It's divisible by 9 because 4+7+7=18 and 18 is a product 9. And that's my favorite page between 2 and 28.

My Learning, September 16, 2009

I am quite secure. I am not extremely good or extremely bad I am just okay in the middle. The reading that I learn from is stuff that I might just be reading in the city or basically anywhere. I can get ideas and stuff if I read things that are important to me. I like reading most times but it depends on what I read. I think what I need to get better at in reading is basically reading faster because I read kind of slow. When I read I can relax and think about what i am doing and things like that. When I read I can learn a lot of things about anything it doesn't matter where I read it like I said before just that I learn it.