Writing Reflection

Writing Reflection

I notice that my writing isn't always perfect. I mean I'm not a person who is a wonderful writer. I can get good ideas from books, texts and, other things I read. I usually use similes pretty well with saying like, "I felt like, I was a bee that had lost my stinger." and I can use similes good. When I read my writing it's not a thumbs up, it's not a thumbs down I think it's somewhere in the middle.

Yes, I have changed a lot as a writer I can do a lot of I never imagined to be doing with writing before. Like just something simple changing the words around like instead of saying, "I went in the car and drove down the street." I could say, "I jumped into the tiny blue Volkswagen and rushed down the street at lightning speed." I have really grown from a number 1 to a number 10.

Three things I do well as a writer are, first of all i am good in mixing up words in a cool way, a example," Yellow, green, blue, and red had all been splattered on the white now, colorful mat." Second I am good at making similes like, " I felt like a cheetah that had been shot with tranquillizer. Slowly, slowly becoming tired and then slowing down. Third I'm good at describing something an example would be like, " I saw the green parrot with a tint of yellow sitting in it's bamboo tree."

Something I want to get stronger as a writer is thinking of ideas that I should write about much quicker. I'm very slow at thinking of ideas in writing. so that is something I need to get better at.

I have written a piece when I was in 1'st grade a story about a cheetah. It wasn't good at all but I liked it because it was my first published piece. I was so proud of and I really liked that one story.